Room Additions that Enhance

Living room and lightingAlmost every homeowner at one point or another has thought about adding to their home. A common room addition may consist of a secondary story living area, a game room, a home theater, a kitchen expansion or a media room. Regardless of the type of addition considered, there are some main principles that are relevant to the success of the project.

The most important thing about room additions is that it should compliment the architectural style and feature of the existing home.  This is relevant when seeking approval from the homeowner’s association or the architectural review committee, and should also improve the market value of your home. The sign of a high quality home addition is that it is unrecognizable from the original structure.

To prevent constructing an addition that is recognizable as a “Add On”, it is best to work with a design- build remodeling firm or a third party designer or architect.  The layouts and specifications should be very thorough as to those used to construct a new home.  Make sure that the structural aspects of the addition such as the framing and the foundation are designed by a licensed engineer.

In designing a room addition it is imperative to comprehend the various architectural and deed restrictions guidelines that apply in your neighborhood. For instance, in most urban and suburban communities, the restrictions apply to the nearness of the structure to the property lines and easements. In the case of building up , there maybe aerial view easements to think about.  Further more , there maybe FEMA limitations on the value of the enhancements, this depends on the house location relative to the flood plain.

From a cost perspective, it is imperative to understand the reason additions are more     expensive to construct in terms of cost per unit in comparison to a new home. Without the use of x-ray vision it is difficult to find out what will be discovered during the construction. The fact is that material and labor costs will not benefit from the economy of a scale new house construction, and it is easy to envision why the  investment for this type of project is higher.

You can expect to recover the additions cost at resale time. Alternative to room additions is to relocate to a new home; but the moving and  closing cost can be very expensive.  Hence, there are essentials such as location, amenities, neighborhood and good neighbors and other characters of your current    home that will make a home addition more beneficial.


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