Surviving Your New Room Addition

mini-h_40So the decision has been made that your house needs an expansion. This is a great way to add value and some extra breathing room to your home in San Diego. The average return on home improvements in San Diego is 60.6%. It could be a master suite, bathroom, sun room or a family room, this is a large project with a lot of technicalities. You are going to need to hire a contractor to handle the many aspects of this project. You may have more than you can chew, because you reside on the construction site.

The difficult part of surviving a room addition is having strangers in and around your home for an extended time. When you have constructed a new home, all you and your family has to do is to move in. Everything is new, shiny and clean, and it can also be a time of pure bliss.

However with a room addition, there will be strangers in and out of your home for most of the time. There will be a lot of dirt. You and your family’s life will be significantly disrupted, this rendering a lot of stress. How will you survive? This is how:

Firstly, when you hire a contractor make sure to look for more than just the price. Get someone you can work with. Remember your contractor is like your partner on the project and it is better if both of you get along. This relationship should be based on mutual trust and respect. Remember the contractor and his workers will be in your home for a prolonged time. Hence if both of you are on really good terms then the work will go a lot smoother. Therefore when problems arise , and they will, you both can solve them with a lot less stress. Make sure to consider this, along with price when you employ a contractor.

It is imperative that you lay rules at the start. There will be people in your house from dusk till dawn. They will have lunch and use the bathroom facility. They will be close to your belongings, such as the televisions, computer CD etc. Your private space will be invaded, because they are there. And also, when they demolish walls, construct walls, plumbing, put in floors, plumbing and other construction work, which will create a lot of dust and dirt that will go through your house.

Here are some rules to think about:

  • Agree upon the hours for the work day because you may not want workers in your home when it is bedtime especially for the children
  • Determine whether or not the workers can smoke within your home.
  • Assign a bathroom for the workers so as to a prevent them from walking through your home.
  • Identify a location for the workers to have their meals.
  • If needed, highlight restricted parts of the house.
  • Consult with your contractor as to the location of where the materials will be delivered.
  • Make known that the workers should clean up after each days work.

You must discuss these rules before the start of the work. Think about incorporating them in the contract. There are some rules that has to be detailed in the contract than others. For instance, the rule about clean up is very relevant; make sure that it is highlighted in the contract. The rule abut the location of where the workers can consume their lunch can be done by a discussion with the contractor. The thing is that if it is very important you then it should be placed in the contract. This will avoid a lot of misunderstandings later on.

As with all relationships, problems can arise. If there is a problem with one of the workers, discuss it with your contractor. he is in charge, hence, he should deal with it. If the workers are treated with respect and kindness then this will reduce a lot of stress and headaches. This will enhance your relationship with them.

The stress of having all these people in your space may cause friction within your family. Do take weekend vacation where possible, it can bring a huge amount of relief. Or maybe just going out for dinner.

The last but not least important thing to your survival is to keep your eye on the goal, which is a beautiful new room with additional space for your home.



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