Home Additions Preparation

Exterior stuccoHome additions are not as easy as they appear. It is always advised to use an experienced home contractor. Never undertake to do it yourself, even if you have the tools or skills to do the home improvement. This is because there are some important facets of construction that could have exorbitant costs if errors are made during the home improvement.

Even if your home addition is a do it at home project, a qualified contractor will save you time and money. This will make the process easier and significantly reduce the room for errors.

Important, Deliberations When Creating an Extension Home Idea

There are aspects of home addition construction that you need take into consideration prior to the design of the home addition floor plan.  For instance, the home’s current structure; Is it sturdy? Or, are the walls in the location you plan to have the addition; “load bearing?

Will the structure of your home hold an addition at the selected point; walls, floor, roof and foundation? And what are the temporary supports that will be needed during the construction stage of the home addition? This will be decided by the framing style of your home.

Balloon border is determined by wall studs that run continuous from the roof of the foundation’s sill plate. Although platform border incorporates a floor level plate and ceiling level top plate to which the wall studs are attached.

Nevertheless, most older type  homes built in the early 1900s  and after have platform border, you still have to confirm the information. You can check the original blueprints of the house, if they are available. Take out the wall surface at the bottom of a wall for inspection, or request for a home addition contractor to assist you to select the type border used.

Another important deliberation is the style and layout of your home. This will decide the home addition design. You will need to determine the various systems of your home: plumbing, wiring, and HVAC. In addition, is your plan for a first or second story home extension? These deliberations are important and need much forethought and planning in your final design.

Home Addition Costs?

Subsequently taking into deliberation the existing construction of your home, you will need to consider home addition cost; this is where an experienced renovation contractor can help. Cost will be decided on the difficulty of the addition, as well as the size and system necessities.

Materials bought in bulk for home additions will usually cost less per unit, even though this is not always the case. Do use online resources as well as nearby and local lumber and building supply centers to choose the best price.

Ask about the delivery options. If you take the materials yourself will the overall bill be marked down? Or, will the materials be delivered for free if all the purchases for the home additions is made exclusively from the supplier?

A renovation contractor who is assisting with your home addition design and determining the project needs, they may also be able to order supplies for you. Many of these contractors receive special discounts on materials from their resources. You could share the money saved with the contractor, and still be financially better off.

How much electrical and plumbing work, if at all will be required to make your home addition project become a reality? This is an additional area where an experienced professional can provide  beneficial judgement.

How about building codes?  Individuals who once lived in one location before moving to another at times make the error of assuming that they know what is needed by law. A California building code can differ significantly from a Florida building code. Be certain to research the local building code for your immediate area.

Moving Ahead

It may be practical to look at designing home additions a little bigger than previously planned. In order that the room can serve two compatible uses – increasing room-use possibilities and increasing your investment.

For example, you plan to construct and office space, make the room a little extended. Add a divider panel or screen to save the end space as a reading room to relax in, away from other activity.

Lengthening the size of a new room addition to incorporate extra space for a sun room or patio enclosure that can be used as a guest room will be cheaper than adding a sun room and separate guest rooms. Furthermore, converting your garage into a family room will be cheaper than constructing a whole new family room addition.

If your addition home plan is to construct a garage with a small work space, why not expand the planned size to incorporate space for extra storage, or even a sewing or arts room towards the rear of the garage with its own entrance? Just as a pool enclosure can incorporate enough space for a patio.

Expanding additional floor area when adding a conservatorium can give enough room for a shelving and bench in one corner for plant conservatory, greenhouse gardening, and/or increased sun room space for relaxation and reading uses.

The plan is to get the maximum for your money.  Giving a little more initially for increased room space that will provide two or more uses can save money in the long term. Consulting with an experienced home addition contractor  about achievable ideas, floor plans, and home extension estimate costs will assist you to do that.

Home Extensions; Tips and Ideas

Beneath are suggestions and ideas to help boost home addition plans:

1. When determining which type patio and /or pool enclosure layout to go with. Remember to take into consideration the space in which you reside. Some layouts and materials are better suited for strong winds, whilst others are better for areas  that receive a huge amount of snow and ice. It is good to check into the gains and choices for new, state of the art  pool enclosures.

2. Outlining the extension of a family room or den? Then add a bay window; incorporate a broad window sill with concealed hidden storage space beneath? A specially made cushion for the sill gives extra seating; the storage area will be suitable for family puzzles and games or knitting supplies.

3.  If you intend to build a new home theater, why not decide on converting the basement or attic into a theater, instead? The absence of windows shows both places as an excellent choice. Money is saved bypassing a new room construction which could be added to soundproofing the room and/or high tech video and audio equipment to enhance show time experience.

4.  If you require a new sun room or patio enclosure, but the cost is unaffordable for a new construction, then you may want to look at the possibility of a sun room kit. These kits are  simple to put together, and are affordably priced. You can widen an exterior wall either as a Do It Yourself project, or acquire the services of a professional. Then put together, put in, and weatherproof; and your extra living area is  completed!

What ever your home extension plans, recall. Service provider members at Anchor Design Build Room Addition have experienced building home extensions contractors. That are accessible to bid on all or just parts of your home extension project.

Putting job requirements online is easy, fast and free.  Homeowners are not required to hire any contractor  who replies. List yours today!



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