Our Process

We always get asked about our process, so here is an outline of how it works.

Once we are contacted we set up a time for a home visit that best works for you and your spouse. It is always best that you and your spouse are present for the first meeting, which is when we get to see the house, listen to your needs and come up with ideas and suggestions that will  help us create a complete and accurate estimate.

Once the estimate and design suggestions are accepted we will draw up a construction agreement according to the California State License Board for you to sign. The agreement will contain a detailed scope of work that will be performed at your home along with the total cost. It will also contain the progress payment section stating after each stage of work completed what payment will be collected. Before signing the contract you will receive a list of references for you to contact if you feel you need to.  Once you have checked up on us and are satisfied and feel comfortable, will we ask you to sign the contract.

After the contract is signed and a deposit has been received we will start the process of obtaining proper construction  blue prints to submit to the city for approval. Once we receive a city approved and stamped set of plans we will setup a  start of work meeting at which time a work schedule with a list of the people who will work in your home will be given to you.

Our office staff will stay in contact with you throughout the duration of the project via email or telephone. A designer will work with you as much as needed to help you with picking materials and colors. We understand that part can be very daunting and we are here to make it easy. We will do our best to ensure that at no time you will feel abandoned or neglected.

Depending on the size of the project or on the areas that are being worked on; every attempt will be made to cover up floors, furniture and seal off closets and bedrooms to keep dust from spreading. Construction is messy and there will always be dust, so please remember that at the end we will have a cleaning crew clean up the house.

After completion of each stage of the project, we will submit a payment request along with a conditional release. At no time will payments be requested prior to work being completed. We will work at your home every day except during inspections, materials not delivered or bad weather. You will be notified in advance when inspections are scheduled.

On project completion a signed permit card along with your city approved plans and any material warranties will be given to for your safe keeping. We warranty all of our work and will be there for you even after the project is complete. Our company is based off of word of mouth references and happy customers, so your thoughts and needs are very important to us.